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Rice Sorbitol Syrup

Rice Sorbitol Syrup is an odorless, clear, syrupy liquid with a sweet taste that lingers in your mouth for quite some time. It is basically an organic sweetening and bulking agent, which is a favorite with manufacturers as well as buyers fighting the menace of obesity and diabetes. Rice Sorbitol Syrup is a type of sugar alcohol, also know as polyols, which occur naturally in foods and come from plant products. In this case it is an aqueous solution of sorbitol and organic hydrogenated oligosaccharides derived from rice. As a sugar substitute, organic Rice Sorbitol Syrup provides fewer calories, about a half to one-third less than regular sugar. Used as a sweetening agent and substitute for glycerol, it is found in chocolates, diabetic soft drinks, ice cream, diabetic jams, pastries and cakes, raisins and sweets.

Rice Sorbitol Syrup is one from the wide range of rice based starch sugars specifically designed for people with diabetes. Sorbitol, an organic sugar alcohol obtained by hydrogenation of glucose, is the main ingredient of this syrup. Apart from being a popular sugar substitute, sorbitol also masks the bitter ‘after taste’ of saccharin in drinks and helps to maintain the physical texture of chewy sweets. The Rice Sorbitol Syrup is produced by mixing the chemical components of sorbitol with fermented rice constituents under measured circumstances. Colorless crystals may be deposited in organic Rice Sorbitol Syrup while cool but it is rare. It is considered as a healthy product because sorbitol is converted to sugar in the bloodstream but as it is only absorbed slowly not requiring insulin, it is a useful source of sugar for diabetics. And surprisingly, despite its sweet taste, organic Rice Sorbitol Syrup doesn't cause sudden increases in blood sugar. Moreover, it is also used as a humectant to preserve moisture, color dilutent, stabilizer and texturizer. Though a welcome break and relief for people on diet, organic Rice Sorbitol Syrup are not to be consumed in large amounts as it can cause flatulence and can have a laxative effect. For this reason it is not allowed in foods intended specifically for babies or young children. Rice Sorbitol Syrup also has a good amount of shelf life as the sorbitol content reduces the tendency to deposit crystals on storage.

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